Aquarius White Double Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispenser 6990

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Create a hygienic and coordinated washroom experience with the Aquarius™ dispenser range, designed to work in perfect harmony with the trusted and familiar Kleenex® and Scott® brands. These washroom dispensers are designed to support washroom hygiene standards and deliver a consistent washroom solution suited to your workplace hygiene needs. Our Aquarius™ folded toilet tissue dispenser pairs innovation and style with exceptional performance. The high capacity, double-sized dispenser lets you fit twice as many toilet paper sheets as the standard size dispenser, making it ideal for busy washrooms. This double toilet paper dispenser has a sleek and smooth rounded design with no dirt traps, allowing an easy one-wipe-clean for improved washroom hygiene. The fully enclosed single sheet toilet paper dispenser system and effective single sheet dispensing ensures you only touch the product you use to help reduce cross contamination.The single sheet toilet tissue dispenser provides a refillable, reliable, anytime top up solution for washroom maintenance. Refilling the dispenser is simple and the Hassle-free maintenance keeps costs down. Jamming, wastage and costs are minimised by the unique, patented overfilling device of this folded toilet paper dispenser which ensures a smooth dispensing experience. This Aquarius™ toilet tissue dispenser features a hidden lock for refilling and a window to help you anticipate the tissues running out. Our touch free dispensers reduce the risk of cross contamination.The white Aquarius™ folded toilet paper dispenser is also available in standard size, white (code 6946) and black (7172) options to suit all washrooms. This commercial toilet paper dispenser measures 40.7cm (L) x 31.7cm (W) x 14.7cm (D). The Kimberly-Clark dispenser is compatible with a variety of Kleenex® and Scott® folded toilet tissue packs from Kimberly-Clark, recommended: 8042, 8408. It is also compatible with: 8577, 8035, 8036, 8042, 8407, 8508, 8509, 4477, 8409, 4471.

1 x Aquarius™ Bulk Pack Folded Toilet Tissue Dispenser - White;One white Aquarius™ bulk pack toilet tissue dispenser
High-capacity, double toilet paper dispenser delivers effective single sheet dispensing means each toilet tissue sheet is only touched by the user, reducing cross contamination and waste;Double sized dispenser. Dispenses single sheets of folded toilet tissue ensuring easy delivery to reduce mess and wastage
Jamming, wastage and costs are minimised by the unique, patented overfilling device of this toilet paper dispenser which ensures a smooth dispensing experience;Hassle-Free maintenance keeps costs down in areas of heavy use
The sleek and smooth rounded design of this toilet paper dispenser has no dirt traps, allowing an easy one-wipe-clean for improved washroom hygiene;Sleek and contemporary design with a white, high-gloss, easy-Clean finish and no dirt or dust traps
Compatible with Hostess Toilet Tissue Rolls (product code 4471), Kleenex® Toilet Tissue Rolls (product codes 4477, 8407 and 8408) and Scott® Toilet Tissue Rolls (product codes 8577 and 8042).;Compatible with a variety of Kimberly-Clark™ folded toilet paper products

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Product Specifications Brand Name KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL Colour White Compatible Devices 08035000, 04477040, 08409000, 08109000, 08407000, 08070000, 04471030, 08151010, 08508000, 08036000, 08577000, 08106010, 08408000, 08042040, 08509000, 08488000 Ean 5027375045486 Global Trade Identification Number 05027375045486 Height 15.200 centimetres Item Depth 15.200 Item Diameter 32.000 centimetres Item Thickness 42.000 centimetres Item Volume 1.68 litres Item Weight 1.68 kilograms Length 42.000 centimetres Manufacturer Series Number 06990000 Model Number 6990 Number of Items 1 Part Number 6990 Special Features Contemporary, white, folded toilet tissue dispenser. Easy to clean & maintain, includes a unique overfill prevention device. Promotes hygiene whilst helping manage costs through controlled dispensing. Compatible with 4471, 4477, 8042, 8407, 8408 & 8577. Specification Met Style Dispenser Width 32.000 centimetres