Timberline 10″ Orbital Floor Machine – NANO

AC or DC Powered

Model No: TF10R (AC) / TF42R (DC)

Clean small areas quickly with this NANO Orbital Floor Machine. With oscillating technology and a variety of unique pads, clean in areas traditional scrubbers can not compete. Stairwells, around toilets in Restrooms, and other typically hard to clean areas become easy to access and scrub. At 21 lbs, our NANO Scrubbers have a large amount of pressure for thorough deep-cleaning of your floor surfaces. The NANO Orbitz is available as corded AC or battery-powered 42V DC.

  • Easy to operate with ergonomic Trigger Handle.
  • Non-corrosive, noise-reducing base clip
  • Choose AC or DC depending on needs.
  • 21 lbs of head pressure

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